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B Captured by Ky Luu

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About me, Ky Luu


Photography is not only a career to me, it is my passion. I remember the first time I picked up a camera, my first photographs were blurry or in odd composition, yet, I was captivated by the artistic potential. That one picture could be translated in so many different ways simply by changing the lighting, the angle, or the colour. That one picture could describe and express better than my words ever could. Photography is the only language that can be communicated worldwide. Photography was a window to my ancestors and a reflection of time elapsed. Photography captured me. So as it was, B captured was born.  


I understand that moments are precious because life is fleeting. I am a proud father of two wonderful children and I watch them grow up too quickly. Photographs document the moments that pass us by or are forgotten and give us a lasting keepsake.


There’s a quote I love, ‘A moment of captured beauty, he who is truly wise will never permit such moments to escape’. A great photographer finds that moment between moments to tell one’s story in the most truthful and beautiful way. It is the small but important details, including the candid, that capture the unique characters, the real emotions and the essence of the day that harvest memories that will transcend a lifetime and generations to come.


Photography is an art and as an artist, inspiration is everywhere. I am inspired by people, culture and nature. I am inspired by love and laughter and sentiment.


I would describe my style as creative, unique and surreal. I enjoy experimenting in various formats to create whimsical, romantic and magical narratives. I believe no photo collection should ever be the same. Building client trust and understanding is fundamental. I am ambitious and committed in my work. In my years of experience, my deepest satisfaction comes not from awards or recognition, but from sharing in the happiness of my clients. I welcome feedback and commentary because in photography, we use the negatives to develop.


I am humbled by the support and opportunities, the people I have met and places I have travelled. I want to invite you to see the world through my eyes. Push your imagination to the limit. 


About B Captured


B captured is made up of two multi-award winning photographers, Ky Luu and Tony Fu.


B captured offers services in weddings, family, commercial and cinematography work. B captured is based in, but is not limited to, Adelaide, South Australia.


B captured delivers a personalised service to create images that incorporate the ideas and requests of their clients. The team will endeavour to organise a meet-up with clients prior to the event date to offer professional advice and to understand individual client needs.

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