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When people reflect back on weddings, the food is usually the first thing that springs to mind. Stock standard catering does the job, but when you want to spoil your guests with lovingly-made cuisine, you can’t go past the family-run Cargo Catering Co.



What you can expect when you work with Cargo Catering Co. for your Adelaide wedding:


  • Food with heart. Not only does it look spectacular, but the menus created for your wedding are inspired by family recipes and international fare. The Cargo Catering Co. team loves to combine cuisines, ensuring your wedding menu is totally unique.

  • A range of dining options. No two weddings are the same, so your catering should reflect that individuality. Choose from roaming canapes and entrees to lavish grazing tables, individual meals or table feasts designed to be shared.


What you’ll love about working with Cargo Catering Co. for your Adelaide wedding:


  • The genius extras. When the party kicks on late into the night, your guests are going to need some midnight snacks. Cargo Catering Co. offers a Late Night Feasts option, leaving you with all the fixings for toasted sandwiches and cheese platters.

  • Their attention to detail. Cargo Catering Co. knows that memorable catering shines through in the tiny details. Their style of food is new and exciting, and it’s their mission to create wedding menus that inspire and satisfy your guests.

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