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Marriage is not a Destination. It is journey with someone you choose to travel with. There might be twists and turns, but true love endures and strengthens. Let me help you get started on your journey together as a Married Couple.

I love creating and presenting loving/fun/happy/traditional/alternative ceremonies for couples embarking on the most exciting journey together you can ever take. From Young Couples to Elderly Love, I look forward to guiding you towards a loving and successful marriage.

I create services for people who after years together want to celebrate their relationship with a vow renewal. I look forward to helping you create a ceremony or service that celebrates your love.

I love a great party. (Any excuse to have a gathering actually.)

I can dress formally with elegance or hilariously as a T-Rex. I ran the event and dressed up as Kate Bush for the Most Wuthering Heights Day ever for three years in Adelaide. If you want a “May the Fourth be with you” theme, or a formal black tie affair, I’m your girl.

I have worked in natural health for many years, and now work with people living with disability as well as teach reiki, provide body work, make beautiful cakes, love yoga, and am a qualified Hypnotherapist. I have studied lots of different subjects and love to learn.

I learn so much from everyone I meet. I have much I can share with those that come to me for ceremonies, from where to go for cakes, photographers and flowers, to not walking away from your marriage without seeking professional help from a relationship specialist. No marriage is perfect. Paul and I sought help at one stage of our marriage and it saved it. I am a realist and believe in being proactive.


I am able to provide end of life ceremonies if needed free of charge. I am a member of AFCC, TCN, Easy Weddings.

Lets celebrate your love!!

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