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Real Life Weddings - Mariah & Kyle

Article by Mel Cavallaro

Our first real life wedding feature could not have been any more beautiful! Today, we take you through the story of the marriage of Mariah & Kyle in the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula.

All photos featured in this article were taken by the incredible Love Fool Photography.

So firstly, who are you both?

I’m Mariah, I worked in reception but got made redundant two weeks before our wedding, so I work for a behavioural optometrist now.

My husband is Kyle, he is a carpenter/builder, which came in very handy for our wedding and engagement!

How did you both meet? And how did you know that Kyle was *the one*?

We met at a friends going away dinner, we sat across from each other at the table.

I’m normally a very shy person in large groups but he was even more shy than I was and so we just ended up laughing about how awkward we both were.

He lived an hour and a half away from me and one day he had a house that he had to build near the Adelaide Hills, so I offered for him to stay with my family. We have been inseparable ever since, that was almost 4 years ago.

I knew he was the one because he is so kind and always puts others first. We always have fun, even when we are in bad situations, and we are constantly laughing together.

And what about the proposal - how did Kyle ask?

Our proposal was pretty funny.

Kyle had organised a hot air ballon ride, he called me the day before it was happening and said he had bought it off of his friend from work last minute because they couldn’t make it (this wasn’t true)

We got up at 4:30am and got ready, but then it was cancelled from bad weather. So we both went to work. This happened another 2 times!

We eventually got a good weather day! We went up and it was really cold so we wore big jackets and Kyle was being really funny about his jacket pocket and wouldn’t let me hold his jacket for him.

Anyway, the balloon ride was amazing, but he didn’t propose then (was too nervous it might fall out the basket aha)

We then we went for breakfast, didn’t propose then either..

After that was done we went antique shopping around the Barossa, still didn’t propose.

We then went back to Gawler, went and had a chat and some tea with his mum, then we went to walk around a park, still didn’t propose ..

As we are driving home, we get into his driveway and he opens the gate, gets back in the car and he asks me "do you care if I don’t get down on one knee, you know?"

And I said of course not, I could get a burger ring for a ring and I’d still say yes.

We drive down the driveway and just as I go to get out the car he pulls out my ring and goes... “I was going to ask you on the ballon and then at breakfast and then in the park but you weren’t looking away and at the park you wouldn’t let me go back to the car soooo will you marry me?”

What were the first things you ticked off of your wedding planning list, and why did you secure those first?

The first things I locked in were my makeup artist and my photographer. I am a photographer myself, so I wanted someone that was completely our style and that we felt comfortable with.

My makeup artist was super important to me as well, the makeup artist I chose is very popular and very hard to get a spot with - she had done 4 of my friends weddings and I loved them all.

We also locked in our venue as one of the first 3 things - our venue was not a standard wedding venue. They recently opened in October 2018 and we knew they would be popular so we messaged them instantly. We were very lucky that we messaged when we did as they only want to hold 2 or 3 small cocktail weddings a year and we got in with a sit down of 110 guests!

Tell us about your suppliers! Who made your big day fall into place?

Our photographer, Love Fool Photography, helped with constant emails back and forth, she was always there to answer any questions I had, she went and saw all the spots I suggested to make sure she had the best spots for on the day, and she was so lovely and made us feel so at ease, and NOT awkward at all.

Forktree Brewing was absolutely outstanding, I cannot believe how amazing they were. Although they were new to the wedding game, they did everything in their power for us to have everything we wanted. We set up the Venue ourselves - Forktree allowed us to come in the night before, even rearranging their dinner bookings just so we could get everything done - they stayed with us helping out until 2:30am!!

Kenton, the Chef at Forktree, was amazing!

We had a grazing table which was HUGE and platter style served on table where guest could choose from a variety of 4 different meats and all difference veggies and sides. He made a special platter for our Vegan and Vegetarian guests which was so special for them. Our guests are still raving about the food.

My Aunty and myself did our floral arrangements as we both have a visual merchandising background and have done flowers for businesses before. We also did the arrangements hanging in the venue too!

My makeup artist was Brianna Couzner and oh my gosh, she is amazing! So many people have her booked for 2020 and all I can say is that they are going to feel amazing!

Hair was MOSC Makeup - Melanie O'Sullivan. I booked her the week before my wedding as I had issues with other hair dressers, she was amazing. She knew exactly how to deal with my temperamental hair, she even re-did my MIL's hair 3 times and my own mum's hair twice without any fuss and was completely sympathetic that they were stressed and couldn't decide.

My dress was from Adelaide Bridal Emporium. It was a last resort walk in, my mum and I had been to a couple other places where I felt like I was just a number and wasn't comfortable. We walked in at 4:30 on a Saturday with no appointment and no expectation just to look around.

We were welcomed in warmly even though they were getting ready to pack up, the girls helped me try on a few dresses and stayed even after 5pm and we found my dress.

My dress alterations I found a lady called Julie who does alterations from her home in Happy Valley. 4 weeks leading up to my wedding she had a fall and broke her hip and had to have a hip replacement. She was out of action for about 3 weeks and it was a little worrying - but despite that, she got all of my alterations done within a week and I had my dress PERFECTLY altered 4 days before my wedding!

I designed our menus myself and got them printed at Crafers Copy Centre who were also lovely. He even reminded me two days before the wedding to pick up my menus as I had forgotten!

We bought all the napkins and the plates from Kmart (I had to travel around Adelaide to get enough)

Our invitations - Vintage Custom Designs Adelaide - AMAZING. I designed them myself I just needed her to gold foil and print them, she helped suggest some changes and printed them so quickly and they looked amazing.

Our cake was made by Star and Sweet and was so yummy and amazing.

What is your biggest piece of advice for couples who are currently preparing to get married?

My advice to couples is to not stress too much about anything really, we had so many things happen leading up to our wedding- my dress alterations lady broke her hip, my credit card got stolen, my car broke down (all in 1 weekend), I got made redundant at my job two weeks prior, It was raining the whole day and morning before our ceremony, and I tripped up on my dress as we entered or reception (we laughed like we always do).

But we didn't let any of that take away or stress us out we made sure we laughed about it and saw the positive, because in the end as long as you dance and get to spend the time with your closest friends and family, that is all that matters with those people with you, you have the best day / night anyway.

Coming back from your wedding, what was the most important thing from the entire day to the both of you?

The most important thing from the entire day was that we had our family and friends with us and that we took a moment to just realise what this all meant to us and how grateful we are.

And dancing all night....that was super important!

Thank you so much to Mariah and Kyle for sharing their beautiful story with us! We’re so excited to share more ‘Real Life Wedding’ stories with you all, featuring members of our Adelaide Weddings Chit Chat Group - keep an eye out for our feature next month!

- Mel x

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