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Nailed it! Wedding cake addition

So you have envisioned your dream wedding cake and now you need to find the baker that can turn your dream cake into a reality. Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? Hold on, don't jump too fast. Researching the bakers work and reviews are necessary for that beautiful masterpiece to be displayed at your reception. Going in blind might land you somewhere similar to the following couples.

Not even close

This definitely leaves you with so many questions. Not only is it a different cake but its the wrong colours.

What is that?!

Oh what a lovely shade of yellow. It looks like this couple is a huge fan of the green and gold Olympics team. Pure example to politely turn Aunt Flo down from making your wedding cake.

C for cement?

Apparently this cake was meant to be a beautiful gold colour. Is this the new blue/white/black/gold dress? Maybe if you stare at it long enough, it might look gold.

Petals and Pickles?

Using flowers on your cake is such an elegant touch but maybe don't raid the flower girls basket. I'm wondering what's more alarming. The green blobs that we are hoping are not pickles or last nights left over roast filling in the gap. We can only assume the baker ran out of cake mix so the meat on the bone will do.

Go home cake, you're drunk

Sometimes trying to cover up the mistakes can just make it worse. You can literally see the wet marks from the bakers tears once the realisation kicked in that they don't have what it takes.

Killing it

This one takes your wedding vows to a whole new level. What a lovely way to celebrate with your guests by sharing a slice of cake and a severed finger with them.

Because I got high?

Sometimes a simple cake is the perfect touch, unless the baker has something else on their mind. Let us hope they were thinking of gardening and not about the batch of brownies they possibly baked before decorating your wedding cake.

Taste the rainbow

Not sure if raiding the kitchen pantry is the best idea. Nothing worse than not having the correct ingredients for a cake but never fear! The next best thing is to grab out the rice bubbles and marshmallows to make it look like a cake. Need decorations? Just steal all the rollups from the kids snack box and you're all set!

Is that you Polly?

This is a joke right? Peacocks around the world are hanging their heads in shame for this poor representation.

Quick and simple

Naked cakes, what can go wrong? The simple design makes a bakers job so much easier. Spoke too soon. I present to you the tower of slop.

Close enough right?

Oh come on! I mean, the inspiration is right there. How can a baker get such a simple cake so wrong? Straight lines is definitely not this bakers strong suit.

Don't DIY

This is the perfect example of why it's important to hire a professional baker. No, just no. Just because boxes of cake mix come with the icing, doesn't mean you take advantage of cheap alternative.

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