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Adelaide Weddings Chit Chat Expo Booking for existing stall holders.


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All stallholders must submit an Application and be approved, and authorised by Adelaide Weddings
Admin prior to Trading at any Expo operated by Adelaide Weddings Group, Adelaide Weddings Chit
Chat and Sferas Park Suites. Upon Submitting an application, stallholders and any employees of
the stallholder agree to the below Terms & Conditions and also any additional Stallholder information.
Stallholders also agree that the Admin or Event coordinators may withdraw, change or replace these
Terms & Conditions at any time and the Adelaide Weddings Admin will post a notice of change to the
Terms & Conditions on the Adelaide Weddings Pages and in email.

By attending the Adelaide Weddings Chit Chat expo at Sferas Park Suites managed by The Adelaide Weddings Group, Adelaide Weddings Chit Chat and Sferas Park Suites, you agree that you are not in any contractual conflict with any other expo or Organisation, nor are you prohibited from trading for
any other reason. Adelaide Weddings Group, Adelaide Weddings Chit Chat and Sferas Park Suites, its Admins, managers and employees can be in no way held liable for any losses or legal action taken

against you if you are held in breach from any existing or previous contracts or agreements. Stall fees
are non refundable. Please make payment within 14 business days once registration forms are
submitted to keep your stall site reserved.


Products/items and services that the Admins has approved the Stallholder to sell and offer at the
expo. Products/items and Services must be described in the Application otherwise approval may not
be given. Admin reserves the right to only approve a limited selection of the products/items and
services as provided in the Application or revoke approval of products/items or services that are
permitted to be sold at the exp at any time. Approval for additional products/items and services will
need to be requested in writing by Stallholder prior to bringing products/items or Services to the expo.


An area where the Stallholder is obligated to park their Vehicle for the duration of the Expo. This
includes the vehicles of Staff, employees, contractors, agents, contractors and Family members who
are working at the Stall. Stallholders will be informed on parking locations at a closer date to the


A designated area will be planned out for each stallholder which will be decided by Adelaide
Weddings Group, Adelaide Weddings Chit Chat and Sferas Park Suites. This area may change
depending on the expression of Interest for the Expo.
Stalls are inside the Sferas Park Suites. Stall sizing are 2x2 or 2x3, depending on what size you
have booked. You are more than welcome to bring your own tables and resources for setting up your
stalls. Small businesses that have particular tablecloths with logos are welcome to use them. If you
require more space, please contact Adelaide Weddings Admins to discussion options. No sharing of stall spaces with other businesses is allowed.


Stall Holders will have access to their Stall Site from TBA. All stallholders will be required to sign in
by event coordinators. Stallholders must occupy their Stall Site and be ready to trade 15 mins before
the Expo starts and continue trading until the end of Expo Trading Hours. Stall holders will not be
allowed to pack up and leave until 3pm. If a Stallholder is going to be late, they must contact the expo
admin 45 mins before the start of Trading Hours on 0410 623 497. All Vehicles associated with the
Stall Site are to be parked in the designated Stallholder Parking for the Expo. Vehicles may NOT
enter the expo area less than 30 mins prior to the start of the Expo Trading Hours.


Stall Holders contact details must be kept up to date with the Adelaide Weddings Admin and provide
consent to be contacted. Adelaide Weddings Group, Adelaide Weddings Chit Chat and Sferas Park Suites prefer Stall Holders to have a current public liability insurance policy with a minimum cover
of $10,000,000. Food Stalls need to have a Food Safety Certificate (where applicable) and follow all
SA Food Safety Requirements. Please see the local Council and SA Food Authority Websites for
more information.

Adelaide Weddings Group, Adelaide Weddings Chit Chat and Sferas Park Suites, its Admins,
managers and employees can be in no way held liable for any losses, injuries or be held legally
responsible for any actions that may occur during the Expo.

Stall Holders must leave their Stall Site free of rubbish. It is the responsibility of the Stall Holder to
take ALL waste from the Stall Site at the end of the day. Stalls will be checked by Event coordinators
before stall holders are signed out Any damage to surfaces (grass/ground) from use of vehicles,
cooking, liquids etc. must be repaired at the expense of the Stall Holder All public walkways and
aisles must be kept completely clear at all times Stall Holders are NOT permitted to smoke within the
Expo area, Stall Holders must wear appropriate footwear at all times.

The Event coordinators reserves the right to refuse entry to the Expo and/or terminate the Stall
Holder’s participation at any time. Rude and/or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and will result
in the immediate expulsion of that person and their Stall from the Fair.


Stall Holders must provide all their own Equipment. Electrical supply is not guaranteed by the Expo
coordinators but is available on approval. Access will be granted to a limited number of designated
Stall Sites at the discretion of the coordinators. Please contact the Adelaide Weddings Admin to
discuss this option. Electrical equipment must be tested to Australian Safety Standard AS Electric
cables must be tagged in accordance with Safe work SA or applicable OH&S requirements and must
be equipped with a circuit breaker. Stall Holders must provide their own extension leads to reach their
site from the power supply. Extension cords must be tagged in accordance with Safe work SA or
applicable OH&S requirements. This length will vary from site to site.


All stallholders must treat other stallholders & Fair event coordinators with respect. Bullying or
insulting behaviour including verbal and non-verbal aggression, abusive, threatening or derogatory
language & physical abuse or intimidation is unacceptable. Adelaide Weddings Group, Adelaide
Weddings Chit Chat, Sferas Park Suites, it's administration team, managers and employees will not be held liable for any claims made by customers against Stall Holders, regarding faulty, inedible or
misrepresented products sold by Stall Holders. All complaints made by Customers regarding any
product, food, or service sold at any specific Market by any Stall will be referred back to the Stall
Holder to deal with. If satisfaction on the matter is not gained then the matter will be referred to the
ACCC and the Office of Fair Trading.