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Secondly, we can’t wait to film your wedding!

Here at TypeFace Productions, we differ from other wedding videographers in that we don’t want to turn your day into an intrusive production. We understand having two video cameras around all day, if handled incorrectly, can be intrusive. Considering this, we carefully conduct all our event filming casually and at a distance, only very rarely making our presence known. We understand that every couple has their own preference for how filming is conducted, and while upon request we can take a more hands-on approach by setting up lighting equipment, staging certain moments, etc, we err on the side of minimalism for most couples.

We have designed our two wedding packages after years of working with countless couples to capture the best moments throughout any wedding day from start to finish. We do however understand that no special day is the same, for this reason we are happy to adjust and modify our packages to best suit your specific needs.

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