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An ethereal storytelling journey for lovers.

We specialise in crafting wedding films that is modern and story driven that brings out the emotions from the day... we're also engaged and, like our clients, are also planning our big day!

Vu's the videographer and the stay-at-home fur-Dad to our Husky, Layla, and Golden Retriever, Nero.

Kait's a Veterinary Nurse during the weekday but also likes to shoot with Vu occasionally on the weekends, and has a keen eye to spot out the inspo shots. She also helps out with the behind the scenes admin work.

Both Kait and Vu love their work, and equally love to travel on snow holidays!

We take great pride in going above and beyond to capture the true essence of your wedding day, whilst providing an informal, relaxed and enjoyable wedding day experience. 

With a background in documentary film production, we focus on real moments and emotions in order to create a personalised wedding film to tell your story, so you can relive the experience in the best way possible. 

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