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Married in the middle of a pandemic.


A word completely unheard of this time last year but has now taken over our daily lives in so many ways. Who would’ve thought that planning one of the biggest events in your life would be struck with an additional stress of how many guests you can legally have per square metre, or even if you can have any guests at all?

“It’s so frustrating - one day you are excited and ready to go, then you hear something new on the radio or tv or Facebook about restrictions and you dread it again”, says bride to be and group member Michaela who’s plans of a 116 guest wedding have been placed on hold while the couple determine what they will be allowed to do with the restrictions when their September wedding approaches.

Despite the restrictions, the stress and fear, some incredible Adelaide couples have been able to create pure magic and have gone ahead with their weddings amidst a global pandemic, and let me tell you, they were all absolutely beautiful.

Emma and Charlie had originally planned to be married at the Mount Osmond Golf Club with 70 of their family and friends as witness.

“We were getting married in June, so when the restrictions came in of only 5 people we realized that something had to give” says Emma. “Our date was super important to us/me - my Grandparents and parents were married on the 6th of June and I’d always wanted to do the same”.

Emma and Charlie sat down and had a discussion about what was the most important to them and the fact that both sets of parents would likely not be able to attend, so how their special day would feel without their parents there was something else they really had to consider.

After determining the final details, they decided on a wedding in front of their shed with a total of 7 guests (thank you easing COVID restrictions!).

“Honestly I’m kinda happy we did it that way, it really became all about us and our families were all super supportive”. They were even able to live stream their ceremony to their family so they could enjoy the moment with them, Emma’s parents even got all dressed up for the occasion and watched the wedding outside with champagne in hand!

Charlie’s advice to couples who are still considering what to do is to ‘just do it’. “No wedding is going to go perfectly!”

Emma put it perfectly, explaining that “if you can get through this it will only make you stronger”.

Similar to Emma and Charlie, Georgia and Christopher also had a massive shift of plans due to COVID. What was once going to be a 92 person sized guest list with celebrations at Marybank Farm and Electrahouse turned out to be a 5 person (including bride, groom, celebrant AND photographer - there was just enough room for Georgia’s dad) intimate ceremony in a random little carpark in the Adelaide CBD.

“The week and a half leading up from when we officially postponed to whether we would actually take a leap of faith and get married was one of the most stressful periods I have ever experienced” said Georgia.

“We had no ceremony venue, or any possibility of including our loved ones plus my husband works FIFO. He didn’t get the extremities of COVID until he got home, the week before our wedding date.”

With major support from their incredible on the day suppliers - Alyse from The Stylist's Guide, Alix The Celebrant, Mike Hemus Photography, Floral Botanica by Liana and Kat M Designs - the couple were able to pull of the most wonderful wedding with just the things that mattered the most.

Georgia explains “our wedding day created something truly awe-inspiring. Perspective. With all our dreams ripped from our little fingers, we rolled with anything that flew our way. Couldn’t get my engagement ring rhodium plated, whatever. Forgot my bouquet on the kitchen table and got it dropped off later, cool. Thunderstorm the day before? Bring it bitch. We rolled with the punches and it has really lifted our spirits and shown us what our marriage and wedding was and WILL be about.”

“If I can give any advice to my future brides; you do not have to apologise for feeling sad. Feel ALL the feels - cry, get angry, throw some shit, dance (or twerk) off your kitchen bench, smash some more shit and then cry a bit more. But also feel happy. Feel happy that you are safe, healthy and in the position to postpone and host a party of all dreams when we are out of this yucky situation. If you are sticking with your date and getting married, I can say that the yucky feeling passes. Up until the moments before we left home, I was in a daze and then completely and utterly loved up and you couldn’t wipe the smile off our faces.”

And to tie up their beautiful day, Georgia and Christopher had their first dance together in a side street of the CBD, I don’t think there’s anything more romantic.

From the team at Adelaide Weddings Chit Chat, know that we understand completely these uncertain times have made it difficult to be excited about your wedding day at times, but don’t forget the most important thing is the love that you and your fiancé share is all that matters. In 30 years from now you’ll look back at this time and be able to share the story of how you were married in the middle of a global pandemic, and my, what a story that will be.

The photos featured in this post of Emma & Charlie were taken by both guests at their wedding and photographer TMTudisco.

The photos featured in this post of Georgia and Christopher were taken by Mike Hemus Photo.

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