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6 Reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

Kimberley & Joel. Photographed by B Captured by Ky Luu.

We don't need to tell you how important your wedding day is. That declaration of undying love, a solid foundation for the future and your family, an essential rite of passage - not to mention a great excuse for an awesome party!

But let's face it: weddings are also expensive. Very expensive. The five-star honeymoon, the rings that will last a lifetime, the flowers, dress and reception all easily add up to a five-figure bill at least. It can therefore be tempting to take up your friend or Uncle Bob's offer to play photographer for the day. After all, their Instagram page looks kind of neat, and they already have a fancy looking camera.

Your friend may know a thing or two about photography, but anything less than a professional wedding photographer is not something you should consider for your big day if you value the memories that could potentially be missed.

First, presumably they're on the guest list because you want them to actually take part in your wedding, rather than spend all day working. And when you catch them downing some wedding cake rather than perfectly framing it, or gulping down their sixth glass of champagne before resuming their all-important job, you don't want to get tetchy with your them on your big day. And if the photos turn out to be a big, blurry, artificially-posed mess, it may potentially forever ruin your relationship with them.

But there are plenty of other reasons that should also convince you to go pro for your wedding photos rather than save a few bucks with Uncle Bob photographer.

So what's up with the "professional wedding photographers"?

Lora & Damien. Photographed by Mezzino Photography.

Chloe & Jacqui. Photographed by Dani Bartlett Photography.

1. They're professional

It might sound obvious, but while your friend photographer may be a whiz with their DSLR and a sunset, professional wedding photographers know a LOT more than it seems. It may appear that they just point and shoot, but when you keep getting your gorgeous wedding album out every Friday night just because they look so stunningly amazing, you'll realise the difference. All the details and moments that anyone less than a professional photographer would otherwise miss.

2. They're experienced

As we've said, the pro wedding photographer does much more than just point and shoot. They know exactly how a wedding day flows, so you can rest assured they won't miss anything, they'll capture everything, and they'll avoid the most cliched and staid poses. Not just that, a wedding photographer will take part in actively guiding the flow of events with a commanding, charismatic presence, so that the moments and the memories keep on coming. With that experience, their charismatic 'people's people' charm will uplift and bring atmosphere to an otherwise tediously long photo session.

Carrie & Stacey (Behind The Scenes). Filmed by Vu Phan Productions.

3. They're important

With all the investments you've made, including the amazing looking flowers, the delectable catering and the perfect cake and dress, why would you miss capturing that moment forever in the best possible way? You've put time, effort and money into every exquisite detail, so ensure it's all enshrined forever with a rock-solid guarantee.

Photographed by Jon Wah Photography.

Criscyl & Ryan. Photographed by pRIOnts Photography.

4. They're worth it

Thinking your friend with a snazzy DSLR can just exercise their index finger for a day is totally misunderstanding the job a professional wedding photographer does. They spend years gathering qualifications and experience, spend thousands on equipment, accessories, software and continuing training. They will spend hours conceptualising, discussing, preparing, processing and editing. They have insurance, back-up equipment and contingency plans in case something goes wrong, like a 'plan B' in case the memory card is corrupted, the weather turns foul or they wake up on the morning of the wedding with food poisoning.

5. They're reliable

Let's imagine your friend with the DSLR really is pro-level. Is your mind actually going to be at ease if you forego the services of a true professional? Will it affect your relationship with them should you have any disagreements about the photos? You've got enough to worry about and enjoy about your big day without constantly having your all-important photos on your mind. Put that responsibility into the hands of a trusted professional who's getting paid good money to do the job right ... guaranteed.

6. They're passionate

A photographer is not just a photographer - they're an artist. Not just that, they are truly passionate about their craft, which means they think about that next pose or the right lens or the perfect light much, much more than us mere snap-taking amateurs. Every passing life-changing moment during a wedding is one more chance for the DIY ring-in to not quite do it justice, so buy the best wedding insurance policy imaginable by putting your most important memories in the hands of a sure thing.

Photographed by Just Believe Photography.

The final word: Don't miss your one chance!

You only get one chance to forever capture the moments that you, your family and friends, your children and their children will look back on for years and decades to come! Taking the questionable option when it comes to one of the most important elements of your wedding day and life is just not logical or sensible - hire an excellent professional photographer and be at ease. Put your most important, life-changing moments in their hands with true peace of mind, and forever look back on one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

Adelaide Weddings Chit Chat's official wedding directory consist purely of professional wedding suppliers who are experienced, ABN registered and insured.

- Adelaide Weddings Chit Chat

Kerri & Tony. Photographed by SvenStudios.

Skye & Jordan. Photographed by DianaM Photography.

Maria & Jamey (Left). Alli & Jason (Right). Photographed by Teahouse Studios.

Liilia & Karl. Photographed by Amber Eyes Imagery.

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